Six Actresses Who Do Creepy Well

Just the other day we did a feature on males who do creepy well.  Today we’re focusing on females.   You might also remember us doing an article on weird looking actresses as well.   One might think that the actresses here would be the same but surprisingly there wasn’t much overlap.

It takes a lot of skill to play a psycho or a “creepy” person.  And as a female I think a woman has to be exceptional.  Why?  Because the bar is way higher and unfortunately women are judged on looks way too much in Hollywood.

So here are six actresses who kick ass at creepy.  By the way,  Meryl Streep isn’t on this list but I’m sure she would outshine anyone in a creepy role if she wanted to….

Tilda Swinton

OK she’s just weird looking so yeah, Swinton doesn’t need much more other than those looks.   But you have to admit she’s an extremely talented actress.   She was sort of creepy in The Beach and clearly freaky in Chronicles of Narnia.  I’m waiting for her to play a psycho killer though.

Sissy Spacek

I think this obviously begins and ends with Carrie.  Honestly do we need any other proof here?  No way.   Not even close.   And yeah, Spacek is another one whose got the look of a psycho.  Hell she was pretty weird in In the Bedroom.

Glenn Close

Can you say Fatal Attraction?  That movie is another one where we need nothing else to prove that Close belongs on this list.  But let’s not count out the movie 101 Dalmations.   Seriously, I’m 32 and she scared the hell out of me in that.

Shelley Duvall

She might be one of the scariest looking people I’ve ever seen.   Good God she was freaky looking in The Shining.   I was more scared of her than Jack Nicholson.  Hell she weirded me out in Popeye for Christ’s sake.

Helena Bonham Carter

If you’re married to Tim Burton you get a free pass to be on this list.   I happen to think Carter is very attractive and also a great actress.   But she happens to be born to play the freaky role.   I loved her in Fight Club but take any Burton movie as well and you’re golden.

Nicole Kidman

In the last 10 years Kidman qualifies in the looks department.  I don’t know what the hell happened to her face.   But let’s not forget about her role in To Die For.  She was as psychotic as they come in that movie.   She was even a little scary in Dead Calm too.

  • Completely agree on Helena Bonham Carter, I’m quite attracted to her.

  • Jeremy Norris

    How do you forget Kathy Bates? That is a must!

  • Lee

    Kathy Bates out creepies all. Misery made her career.

  • Jeremy Norris

    Exactly Lee! And yet she is not on the list =( makes no sense

    sn: She was also real creepy in Dolores Claiborne

  • Daphne

    Amanda Plummer, definitely! She’s awesome, but makes me uncomfortable.

  • Kimberly Temple

    I didn’t even THINK about Kathy Bates. Every time I see her in something I think Misery. She should be on the list, or an honourable mention at best! I agree with you on HBC, I love her, she’s remarkably pretty, but yes, she can get pretty creepy. 🙂 Nice list. 😀

  • Sinister_Lex

    Is that picture of Tilda Swinton from a movie? She looks really cool and quite creepy. I liked her in Constantine [guilty pleasure]. As for Helena Bonham Carter, she is so pretty I can’t even concentrate on the creepiness

  • Crimson

    What??? No Michelle Pfeiffer???…. Catwoman should be enough, if not theres also What LIers Beneath, Stardust (crappy movie, but still freaky) Wolf… Great at playing psycho chicks, awesome actress, and beautiful. Nuff said.

  • Devlar

    Man, Nicole Kidman was something else before she sacrificed her face.

  • Ian

    Glen Close plays a pretty whacked out character in the Chumscrubber…the whole movie has an off putting sense to it, but it was one of her scenes that got me thinking “Man this is a messed up flick!”

    And there’s nothing supernatural or weird going on, she’s just a mother having a hard time coping with her sons suicide (no spoilers, this happens in the first 5 minutes and drives the ENTIRE plot).

    Awesome movie, by the way.