The 10 Most Disturbing, Perverted, Sicko Characters in Movies


There are serial killers in movies.  There are maniacs in movies.  Hell there are just characters that are meant to scare you.  But what about those that just make you want to vomit?  And I’m not talking because they kill.  I’m talking about the fact they they are mentally deranged, sick, and have major sexual issues.

These are the 10 most disturbing, perverted, sicko characters in movies.

Maynard or Zed in Pulp Fiction


Played by Peter Greene and Duane Whitaker  –  I’m not sure which one of these guys is more disturbing.  Zed for actually doing the raping or Maynard for making that disgusting face while watching.  Bottom line is that it doesn’t get more vile than these two guys.  The worst part is how random it all was and you just never know.

Bill Maplewood in Happiness


Played by Dylan Baker –  Happiness is one of the most messed up movies of all time.  I’m talking ALL time.  You want to see messed up families?  This movie has it.  I can’t even discuss some of the things said but Bill Maplewood is one sick dude.  Let’s just say pedophile doesn’t even cover it.

Casper in Kids


Played by Justin Pierce – Having sex with a girl who is passed out and drinking fruit punch from a tampon?  I don’t care how many drugs this guy does in the movie, Casper is a disturbed individual.  “Shhhh, it’s Casper.”

Jim Cunningham in Donnie Darko


Played by Patrick Swayze – This is one of Swayze’s last movie roles and definitely one of his better ones.   He plays a self help guru which is really a front to him being a child pornography lover.   Oh and not to mention he shoots himself.  You gotta be careful with these Tony Robbins types.

Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs

Ted Levine

Played by Ted Levine – The scene when this guy dances while hiding his penis is one of the freakiest scenes of all time.  That and making masks out of human flesh is a little disturbing.  Even the way this dude does his nails scared the shit out of me.

Corwin Earle in Gone Baby Gone


Played by Matthew Maher –  He’s not in the movie long but when you see that kid in the bathtub you know how messed up this guy is.  I can’t believe there are actually human beings out there that are similar to this character.  And it’s like they act like kids too.  Man.  I got nothing else.

Sean Nokes in Sleepers


Played by Kevin Bacon – This character is truly the essence of the word Monster.  Taking advantage of young boys is bad enough.  But abusing them in a prison is even worse.  Thankfully he got his but this is one scary character.

Sport in Taxi Driver


Played by Harvey Keitel –  Perhaps making me more skiddish than most characters in movies is Sport in Taxi Driver.  Keitel nails this role as a disgusting pimp taking advantage of young girls and whoring them out on the streets.  The lines he gives Da Niro and the scene where he dances with Jodie Foster are extremely powerful and very eery.

Alex in  A Clockwork Orange


Played by Malcolm McDowell –  Alex gets off on violence.  So it’s not that he’s just so crazy and sick as a killer.  It’s that he gets sexually turned on by this.  That in itself is extremely perverted.   Clearly one of the best maniac characters in cinematic history.

Dino Velvet in 8MM


Played by Peter Stormare – Madison said it best:  Dino Velvet is a producer of snuff films and takes his “art” very seriously. When Tom Welles inquires about watching Dino work, Dino immediately becomes suspicious that Welles wants to learn his secrets and steal his special “hot sauce.” Yeah, I’m sure that’s it. Everyone is dying to know how you make such quality snuff films, Mr. Velvet.  Plus if that picture doesn’t freak you out I don’t know what will.

*I debated putting Pat Bateman on here but he doesn’t really fit with these guys.   He’s more of a serial killer crazy type than a sexual weirdo.  Although the staring into the mirror is funny


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