Sexy Halloween Costumes are Branching Out

I’m not going to say I’m tired per se of seeing girls dressed up in sexy (nurse, policeman, girl scout, fireman, referee, sailor, etc.) costumes year after year on Halloween, but it is kind of “been there, seen that” at this point.

But now, as you can see above, the sexy, store-bought costumes industry is branching out. There are now costumes for sexy Optimus Prime and sexy Bumblebee, and not the type of sexy bumblebees you usually see.

How do you make a 100 foot tall metal robot provocative? It ain’t easy, but I’d say it kind of works. If you’re on board, you can buy them here.

Time to start planning my own costume… Any ideas?

  • Josh

    Per Dave and Chuck the Freak (if you live in the Detroit/Windsor area, you definitely know this radio show), Sexy Sesame Street costumes are the new “it”

  • Sam

    I have never seen a sexy girl scout. A sexy school girl, yes, sexy girl scout, no. I think it would be tough to make a sash and beret sexy. Although thin mints can be quite alluring.

  • Matt Chi

    I’m gonna be a sexy cookie monster.

  • Enrique D

    Thanks for the fantastic ideas. Not sure if I can pull the sexy part. And since Halloween is going to be on a Sunday this time around, I can’t wait to have fun. But since trying to save money, I’m gonna have to do something simple. Perhaps a Ken Masters costume, from Street Fighter. It’s a standard karate uniform without sleeves. Not that hard to do.