Six Super Sexy Foreign Exchange Students in Movies

There are few things hotter than the glorified concept of a hot foreign exchange student.   For all intents and purposes it’s a hot girl who has no inhibitions, knows very little English and therefore depends on you AND stays at your place.

Hell it might be exaggerated in film but it’s a pretty awesome concept don’t you think?  With that said here are six sexy foreign exchange students in film…..

Thanks to Ranker for the idea here.

Nadia – American Pie

Nothing made the world take notice of Shannon Elizabeth quite like her laying on a bed topless masturbating to a nudie magazine.  Though listening to her broken English throughout the film almost made her unwatchable.  Not quite though.  Hehe.  Man she was hot.

Naked Foreign Exchange Student – Not Another Teen Movie

She didn’t have a name.  She was barely in the movie.  But boy was her presence know right?  Wow.   It’s pretty impressive when you’re cast in a movie to only be naked.  Not bad.

Monique – Better off Dead

She may not be the most desirable girl on this list in the physical sense but she’s by far the biggest marriage material one.  Monique is cute, smart, awesome.  That to me is pretty sexy.  Plus the girl who played her (Diane Franklin) was also in a movie where she gets completely naked and pregnant.  Go figure. And by the way how good of a movie is Better off Dead?

Dominique – D.E.B.S

In D.E.B.S., a movie about a super team of hot teenage girls who are also super spies, it isn’t exactly “difficult” to find a hot girl, but the promiscuous, foreign and awesome Dominique (played by Devon Aoki here) takes the cake.  She has boys over when she’s not allowed to, is the rebel of the group, wears impossibly short skirts and barely speaks.

Anna-Marie – Summer School

Summer School is a classic 80s movie about love, growing up and needing to make up classes because you suck at school. It stars a teacher and a group of young students until Anna-Marie completely steals the show.  When Anna-Marie came to Mr. Shoop’s summer school class she won the hearts of Dave and Chainsaw. Is there any confusion as to why?  She also played Alotta Fagina in Austin Powers.

Piper Perabo – She Gets What She Wants

In She Gets What She Wants, Piper plays a French foreign exchange student that starts taking over her host family’s daughter’s life.  From her spot on the cheerleading squad to her boyfriend.  Oh yeah that and she’s hot.


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