Seven Awesome Watchmen Trailer Mashups


Since just about everything gets mashed up these days, it was bound to happen that Watchmen trailer mashups would start popping up.  Both trailers to Watchmen was memorable and created quite a buzz, thanks in part to the music: The Smashing Pumpkins for the first, and Muse for the second.  The trailer audio works well when mashed with clips of other movies, and you can check out seven Watchmen trailer mashups after the jump.  My favorite?  WALL-E, and it’s not really close.

Watchmen/Toy Story 2


I thought “From the legendary director of Cars” was a nice touch.  It’s also more appropriate than labelling Zack Snyder “visionary.”  Slow motion does not equal visionary.



The syncing of the audio with the video is pretty good on this one, but I could have used a bit more Bender.

Watchmen/Team America





This one could very well have been a real trailer.

Watchmen/Finaly Fantasy VII


This mashup speaks for itself – very impressive.



I have to admit that I don’t watch Lost, but this mashup seemed pretty cool regardless.  If only I had any idea what the hell was going on.  Fans of the show – what’d you think?

Watchmen/Superman II


This one just makes me yearn for a new Superman movie that doesn’t suck.  Honestly, I don’t think anything will compare to Donner’s original.

I hope you enjoyed these Watchmen mashups.  If you have any that I didn’t post above, feel free to post them in the comments section.

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