Scott Pilgrim vs. The Matrix



Yes, I unintentionally quoted Neo right there, but that is my honest reaction to this video, which just might be the best trailer mashup I’ve seen this year. And that’s saying something as I see this kind of thing all the time scouring the internet for content to post.

The Matrix and Scott Pilgrim collide in this masterfully edited splice between the two. Not just audio and video crossover, they’ve actually added other Pilgrim-ish stuff straight into it with editing. I won’t ruin any surprises, but needless to say, it’s incredibly well done.  Watch above.

  • sylky

    hey this is cool but you need to check out the Dr. Seuss Live Action Lomax trailer.

  • Matt Chi

    that was pretty awesome.

  • My brain just imploded from the sheer awesomeness it just witnessed.