ScarJo to Visually Stimulate Audiences in Iron Man 2


Well it seems to be official that Mickey Rourke is actually going to be in Iron Man 2, playing a hybrid of Whiplash and Crimson Dynamo. I find that amusing, because I’m pretty sure that no other comic franchises could get away with combining villains (behold, Spiderman’s fiercest foe, Dr. Venogoblin!), but it’s a good casting call nonetheless as I think Rourke will do a bang-up job.

But now, there’s “confirmation” that Scarlett Johansson is officially stepping into the Black Widow role vacated by Emily Blunt. This is, ah, I don’t know. Acceptable? I would tend to agree with JoBlo here:

Johansson is a fine looking woman, there’s no doubt about that, but I just don’t get the feeling that she’ll be a strong presence as Black Widow. I’m not saying she’s a terrible actress, not by any stretch of the imagination. But is she in the league of Downey, Paltrow, Cheadle and Rourke? Not quite.

I would say she’s a “terrible” actress either, but I’m hard pressed to say anything past “decent.” For all her A-list glamor, Johansson has yet to impress me in well, anything. She plays the same naive, super hot twenty something in nearly every role I’ve seen her in.

Her character in He’s Just Not that Into You could have literally walked straight from that movie into Vicky Christy Barcelona without missing a beat. Hell, she was even a naive twenty something in The Island, except in that case it was because she was a clone with a childlike undeveloped personality. Perfect casting choice there Michael Bay, I have to say.

So can she pull off the role of a Russian Super Spy? Well, I mean, can she even pull of a Russian accent should be the first question. I don’t think she’ll detract from the movie per se, because Iron Man is largely a visual spectacle, and the dramatic and comedic heavy lifting will be done by Downey Jr. and Rourke

But hey, tight black leather! Hooray!

  • Dorkus Malorkus

    Yeah…I haven’t really liked her in any movie for a while. I mean, few people will dispute her hotness, but, acting ability? Well, we’ll just see. Maybe put her in a leather catsuit and don’t let her say much, and it’ll be fine. And I don’t even like Gwenyth Paltrow that much either, but I know she can kick ScarJo’s butt.

  • Keen

    You know, I haven’t actually seen Emily Blunt in anything except “The Devil Wears Prada.” And she was fine in that, but I have no idea if she is really any better of an actress than ScarJo here. But they are both hot….