Say Goodbye to Your Morning: Mr. Plinkett Reviews Indiana Jones

I know this video is a bit old, but Red Letter Media’s lengthy review of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is on YouTube for the first time now, and I never caught it when it was just on their website. You’ll remember Mr. Plinkett from his Star Wars prequel reviews, which are in fact, the best video movie reviews of all time.

This time, he takes on another hated film where George Lucas was involved, albeit less so. He examines why it is that people hate Crystal Skull so damn much, and it can’t really be blamed on one thing. I actually don’t hate the film as much as most, certainly not as much as the Star Wars prequels, but he really captures why it doesn’t sit quite right with me, and most other people too.

The review is over an hour long and well worth it, but a few major points can really sum up the issues. 1) It’s full of references to past films to the point of absurdity. 2) Harrison Ford is old, and no one wants to live vicariously through an old Indiana Jones. People like the idea of the character, not the character himself. 3) The movie is more kid-friendly than it seems as Indy literally kills maybe one person, and never shoots a single enemy, whereas the previous films were full of violence. Indy can’t be a badass by simply through a few punches. He has to crush people under tank treads or shoot three people with one bullet. 4) While I actually didn’t mind the idea of an alien plotline, when you go through and actually try to deduce the story behind the crystal skull and the Mayan temple/spaceship, it doesn’t make any goddamn sense at all.

Watch the review, it’s an hour I don’t think you’ll regret.


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