‘Saw VI’ Trailer is Here, Lacking in the Blood, Metal or Scares Departments


This has to be the lamest Saw trailer I’ve ever seen, and that’s saying something, considering I’ve seen probably 18 total trailers over the years for movies 1-5. I understand what a “teaser”  is, but it’s like they’ve run out of traps and are just content showing us empty hallways and video screens now.

I won’t bitch about how there’s another Saw movie coming out. There’s no point. A Halloween Saw movie is now as inevitable as death and taxes. My only hope is that it’s better than the travesty that was 5, as honestly, I have been a fan of the series over the years for the most part.

I’m just waiting for cybertronic Tobin Bell to show up, seeing as it’s literally impossible for him to stay dead.