Sam Rockwell is a Dancing Machine


I’m pretty proud that this is a film trend that I noticed all by myself, as I’m usually way too clueless to catch on to this sort of thing. As it seems, Sam Rockwell loves to dance. So much so in fact, that in a huge chunk of his films there’s a sequence where he gets to show off his moves, however briefly, almost assuredly at his request.

I was going to make a video compilation of every instance I could find of this happening, but this is the internet, so naturally someone else already realized this and did it for me. That video is above, and I can’t wait to see how he manages to bust a move as Doc in Cowboys & Aliens this summer.

Also, searching through his IMDB page just reminded me that he was Guy in Galaxy Quest, one of my favorite underrated comedies of all time.

  • Online9

    I gotta say I love Sam Rockwell, he’s just flawlessly cool in every movie. Can’t wait for C&A.

  • MajorTool

    Trying to remember if he danced in The Assassination of Jesse James.

  • andy

    Galaxy Quest (Y)

  • Henrik

    The splits while smoking? Van Damme, eat your heart out.

  • Jim

    I have two things to say.
    1) Galaxy Quest is amazing and SOOOOOO underrated.
    2) I love Sam Rockwell but I absolutly LOVE James Brown. Makes that video.