Sam Raimi Directing ‘Warcraft’ Warrants This Exclamation Point!


Late last night, AICN broke the seemingly unbelievable story that Sam Raimi had just signed on to direct the World of Warcraft movie. Soon after his story ran, an official press release was rushed out, making it gospel.

This is a pretty ****ing huge deal. Last time we saw this project, it was being associated with Uwe Bole, who was trying to woo Blizzard into letting him do it, they uh, said they were looking at other options. And I guess, as it turns out, Raimi was that other option.

When I think “World of Warcraft movie” I think Peter Jackson, but it will be interesting to see just what Raimi does with the film. I think he’s a bit overhyped, as even though we’ve seen his capacity for great films (the Evil Dead trilogy, the first two Spiderman movies), I’m worried by his failures (Spiderman 3 and in my opinion, Drag Me to Hell).

In any case, he’s certainly thirty steps up from Uwe Bole.  There’s no cast, script or dates yet,  but this has officially become one of the most promising upcoming projects to watch.


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