What Would a Sam Mendes Bond Film Look Like?


This is just weird don’t you think?  Personally I think it’s a little strange

The long-running drama surrounding MGM’s future took an odd turn Tuesday with rumors sweeping through the town about Sam Mendes directing next James Bond film. The beleaguered studio refused to confirm reports about Mendes being in talks for the 23rd Bond pic

I can only assume this is some ploy to get an automatic draw at the box office but why in the hell (other than money) would Mendes direct this film?  I actually think he’s kind of like “too good” a director to take part in an action series.  Granted he directed Jarhead which has some war action but come on.   I just can’t see Mendes filming ridiculous stunts and amazing gadgetry.

Remember, this is the guy who directed American Beauty (by far his best picture), Road to Perdition, and Revolutionary Road.  Mendes is great on “life” movies.

I mean is Bond all of a sudden going to start thinking about settling down in the real world?  Are we to see him in an argument with one of his women and hear him say “but I have to think about me now!  don’t you get that????”

I will admit that Away We Go sucked big time so Mendes may need to boost himself a little here but I just think he should go after another solid best picture possibility and stick with his artistic integrity.

I know Madison is gonna disagree with me here and yes, if Mendes really tried he could do great with a Bond movie, but that doesn’t mean he should.

[Via Variety]

  • Madison

    Well, I don’t necessarily disagree with you. I would always prefer a talented director trying something outside his genre than a director who films bad to mediocre films in a niche, and I think we both agree that Mendes is very talented.

    I do agree that he doesn’t seem right for Bond, though. Casino Royale showed a lot of Bond’s characters, and that was great, but the movies aren’t really character-driven. Mendes, I guess, is a bit too nuanced for the generally gadget and action-heavy Bond movies.

    Still, this is better than like Brett Ratner, right?

  • Mike D

    I just hope they keep the Bond films the way the last two have been. I think Daniel Craig has definitely brought the series back to where it should be. The gadgets got to be too much of a cartoon (Die Another Day invisible car) in the Brosnan films.