Sadness Personified in Human Form


Read all the gory details here if you actually want to know the how and why of what prompted such a terrible life decision, but it’s too depressing for me to even type out here.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to go get this tattooed on my torso.

  • MajorTool

    It is good work though. Better than the Avatar guy’s tattoo artist.

  • ive always been against tattoos of people or portraits, just because they seem to be really hard to get right. so this piece right here, to me, looks like butt not only because it’s twilight, but also because tattoos of faces always look weird.

    at least the ash tattoo is pretty much spot on.

  • Bert

    Well this is definitely worse than Avatar guy.

  • Vishal

    You know, some one should hook Avatar Guy and Twilight Lady up. Then you’d have a real Twilight-Avatar mash-up. BADUM-BADUM-TSH.

  • Orleanas

    SMH. So this is what some people’s lives have come to. I just don’t understand this though tatoo work is good(zillions better than Avatar guys’ tatoos, actually), but that’s the mark this woman wanted to permanently leave on her body. Damn! Yes, I’m being judgmental but there must be some serious mental/emotional issues going on there.

  • Mortecouille

    Totally want both the Lady and the tatoo.
    And the cat clock above the mirror.
    Sadness personified, this is the right combination of words.

  • JohnC

    It’s all her decision and whatnot, but just as with the Avatar guy, why would some get such an extensive tattoo of something that is nothing more than a fad?
    People will forget about Avatar (hell, I only remember it exists when someone mentions it and Avatar 2 is not going to help), and Twilight will inevitably be replaced by what I like to call “The Next Big Tween/Teen Thing”.
    Simple as that.

    Pokeman is forever though. As much as you like it or not, it’s grasp and influence is immense.