Sadly, This Could Happen

With Hollywood bound and determined to make an awful movie out of every video game in existence, I am not willing to write off the possibility that we may someday see Nicolas Cage as Altair in an Assassin’s Creed feature.

Yes, I know that Ubisoft has formed their own film production company to manage future film adaptations of their games, but Cage does not care. He has the ability to work his way into any film, no matter how ridiculous it sounds. Did you really ever think he was going to be Ghost Rider? And look where we are now.

  • John

    As awful as this could be, a large large LARGE part of me would love to see this come to fruition

  • Uncoolaidman

    I really, really doubt it. But who cares? This is bound to be an awful movie no matter what.

  • Kandice

    DISLIKE!!! This image needs to be removed from the internet lest some idiot get an idea.

    Plus, an unknown should be cast as Altair/Ezio/Desmond (I don’t know what direction they’d take)

  • Javier

    Assassin’s Creed starring Nicolas Cage directed by Uwe Boll…coming to a theater near you in 2013…

  • @ Javier: In 3D! Co-staring Megan Fox

  • Scott

    As horribly awesome as this would be, I don’t expect it will happen.

    Cage is reportedly a big GR fan and one of the main reasons it made it to screen. There is no way that anyone will cast him as a super-hero unless it is his own project, otherwise we’d already have Man.

  • Gaben

    The Templars, The Templars!
    Oh my God, The Templars!

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