Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern Costume is Unreal in a Bad Way


I don’t do too many news items around here, but I felt compelled to comment on this “first look” at Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern “costume,” if you can call it that on the cover of EW (magazines are still useful!).

Let’s see, it’s horrific. Reynolds is not actually wearing a costume, rather the entire suit is CGI-ed onto his body, and hes acting the entire movie out with those little motioncapture balls attached to his body.

That’s why this entire thing looks like a photoshop disaster. But not even photoshop, like someone hand painted this cover for EW and called it a sneak peak. His mask appears to be little more than face paint, the toxic side effects of which appeal to turn his eyes white. The rest of the suit looks like if you ripped the skin off a human being so only their muscle sinew was showing, and then dipped them in green paint. Cool? Ehh, not so much, and at this rate if his entire body is CGI, I predict the action scenes are going to look like The Matrix Reloaded where computer generated Neo fought off 100 computer generated Agent Smiths with a computer generated pole.

Really, really strange.

  • Blake

    Ha. You called this news.

    1. It’s not so bad. We have to see it in motion. This, yeah, they shopped it heavy for publication. You see the other photos in the mag? Reynolds looks like a doll. They’ll fix/we’ll get over it.

    2. You are aware that Iron Man is 90% CG? Also, the grey suit, I believe, is to ward of spy photographers. They want the green suit, not some grey thing.

    3. Remember this?: http://queenzine.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/iron-man-2.jpg

    That looks fine.

  • Winston Bull

    I’m still not behind him playing Hal Jordan(maybe Kyle Rayner, but not a senior Corpsman like Hal).

  • Jack

    No sir, don’t like it.

  • I agree, it looks weird. But hey, I didn’t like the Spiderman costume redo at first either.

  • Madison

    Not EXXXXTREME!!!!!! enough.

  • jaromir

    As a GL fan I’m totally against the look of the suit. IMO CGI doesn’t really stand the test of time. Just looking back on all the old spidey flicks, Matrix and Star Wars movies it just all looks fake, and reason being that it was way to over done. Which I feel is going to be this movies problem…..too much CG. Aside from that, it doesn’t even stay true to the same color scheme of GL. WB always f’s things up when it comes to there superhero property, the only thing they ever got right was Batman (aside from the Schumacher era).

    As for Reynolds playing Hal, I’m just eh about it, I think they could have chosen better but Reynolds is a good actor…so whatever. IMO he would have been a better flash, he has a slender type of build for it.

  • Ugo Strange

    This = Awful.

  • chelsea

    i agree… they should just have him be naked. covering ryan reynolds body in anything is a crime.

  • Cal

    It’s mid 1990s Spawn bad!!

  • Matt

    I don’t mind it. I mean, in the comics the suit isn’t made from cloth, so having a cloth suit wouldn’t have been accurate either, and the whitened eyes are accurate to the comic.

  • kenzie

    Yea, I wish they’d got a better person for GL, Reynolds would have been good as The Flash

  • Andrew

    I think Reynolds could do fine.. hes a good actor and has a good sense of humor.. aside from that.. no.. this costume is crap and should be burned and the guy who thought it was a good idea.. should be burned alive with it.. why do they have to mess with everything when making movies.. its like ording a combo at any fast food place.. you want the combo.. ( the movie ) but not burger… you want the wrap.. ( Different Story.. ) and you dont want the fries.. you want the chilli.. ( bad actors ) (not Reynolds.. just in general.. ) and you want a bottle of pop instead of a fountin pop.. ( mess up costumes.. )
    ….. Well it aint a bloody combo no more now is it… or a good movie..

  • Broken Noah

    Gosh it sounded like you people already watched the movie! Care to let me in on how the movie went? How was the villain? Were the actions scene cool? Really, I don’t mind spoilers.

  • Player_1

    Man, the author of this article can bitch… Not as terrible as he / she is making it out to be.

    The point of CGI is to create things that are unbelievable seem realistic – this is a huge task all on its own. Making it seem as though the creators and scores of people who worked on this film intentionally made terrible-looking effects on purpose is a great discredit… specifically to artisans.

  • Player_1

    And Andrew – I can see what you were getting at, and I tend to agree, but Broken Noah put it nicely:

    “Gosh it sounded like you people already watched the movie!”

  • Phil

    Wow…you have no clue about that mask, huh?

    The eyes are SUPPOSED to be whited out like that with Hal Jordan’s outfit in the Green Lantern series. When he’s wearing that mask, you never, I mean NEVER see what his eye color is. Part of the superhero outfit. Down to the impossible thinness of it.

    Figure this, whited out eyes like this or Spider-Man movie inspired reflective lenses over the eyes with a tailored Batman Begins mask around his face.

    Granted, the rest of the outfit looks made by some guy in Hollywood who didn’t have a reference, but hell…even the Superman movie kept close to the original design…why can’t they simply do this with a series about technicolor magic-tech space rings?

    There are no fashion police is space. Comic book outfit should be used. Case closed.

  • fan

    isn’t the green lantern supposed to be black?

  • okami

    there’ve been several.

    the first was Alan Scott (1940s), whose ring was based on magic. he wore a purple mask, a red shirt, green pants, and a purple cloak with a green inside. supposedly the Guardians of the Universe (when they had formally become the Guardians) had collected all magic within their reach and formed a ‘meteorite’ of it, laced with their own power to hold it in. a chunk of it fell to Earth; after some centuries, he was finally molded into the ring and lantern (battery of power) that Alan Scott used.

    in the 1960’s, Hal Jordan (whom this movie’s about) became Green Lantern. to clear ‘discrpancies’ between him and Scott (and other ‘reborn’ heroes of the 60’s), alternate universes were produced. Jordan’s the best-known and longest-running Green Lantern.

    several times Jordan resigned, but he always came back.

    schoolteacher Guy Gardner was just as qualified at the time, but he was injured and remained in a coma for years. when he finally awoke–and was given a ring–he was found to be extremely violent. politically he was very right-wing.

    John Stewart (who is black) was a small kid, and unable to qualify when Jordan got the ring. after he grew up he replaced Jordan for a while, and later on had his own career.

    one story of the Green Lantern Corps took place in the West of the 1880s, if i remember. a local sheriff or marshall temporarily became Green Lantern, though he remained earthbound.

    i quit buying comics in the early 1990’s; couldn’t afford them any more. i do know some kid was tapped to take Hal Jordan’s place for some reason, and was around for some years. dunno who he was or what happened.

    these are only the ones from Earth that i’m aware of. up until i quit buying comics, there were 3600 of them, ranging from the size of a virus to a living, sentient planet. some were hive intelligences, some were plants.

    3600 races gives a lot of room for exploration in possible alien physiologies. . .

  • Enrico

    Just to correct one item.. that scene in Matrix where he fights all those ‘Smiths’.. much of that was done with actual actors fitted with latex masks so they all looked the same. It’s in the “making of..”, possibly on the dvd bonus section but I saw it online.

  • R.J. Moore II

    I don’t understand why they couldn’t have just put Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern suit he’s been wearing for 60 years on him. I hate Hollywood.
    It’s just like X-Men…Bad CGI and stupid looking leather outfits.

  • matthew

    does everyone forget that the suit is generated by the ring??? so in some respects this is a more accurate depiction of what the suit would look like.

  • Dan

    Your an idiot this is awesome, and to comment on unfinished CG is kinda lame.

  • Richard

    I think it looks great…What about Ironman, Spiderman, the X-men, Superman? Tons of CGI there…not all bad either. The Matrix is old school, Man. Get with the times.

  • The typos and spelling errors in this post make my eyes bleed.

  • Ukulelemike

    This is actually not the final suit-this is what it will look like while the suit appears-there are pics out of the final suit, and it looks very much like the comic book suit.

  • AtomManhattan

    It looks as it should- alien. How about you watch the movie first, and then forulate a critique, rather than trying to pass of idiodic comments as ‘news’.
    And for the record- the ‘Burly Brawl’ in Reloaded was filmed with Keanu and twelve stunt doubles. And a real pole. The reason it was all texture mapped, was, due to the fact he was fighting a hundred of the same guy, he would’ve stuck out like a sore thumb to have a non-cgi’d Neo standing amidts a bunch of cgi’d Smiths.
    Educate yourself, rather than making unintelligent comments about something you clearly no nothing about.

  • Yeah.. The costume look weird. Too many motion and look more cartoon than reality

  • ZZap

    Whatever. GL sucks. Even D.C. knows it which is why they’ve been riding the Batman/Superman series all the way to the bank.

    GL fanboi’s are the worst. Heaven forbid if you criticize their spandex God.

    This movie is going to fail anyways. GL fanboi’s actually believe that anybody besides themselves give a flying shit about a GL movie.

  • I’d say you’re just complaining needlessly. I see nothing wrong with it, at all.