Rubber, the Story of an Evil Psychokinetic Tire


When most of us common folk think about the Cannes Film Festival, we usually have flashes of pretentiousness and snobbery and awful movies masquerading as art. And also, frustration that its pronounced “KHAN” not “CANS.”

But there are a lot of great films that have come out of the festival, and I think loyal reader T-Rex has found the next one. It’s called Rubber, and it’s about an evil, sentient, psychokinetic tire. Ridiculous? Yes. A subversive piece of anti-Bridgestone propaganda? Maybe, but all I know is that this is an art film I’m now pumped to see. Get it? Pumped? Tires? Gah, forget it. Watch the teaser trailer above.

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  1. Madison May 3, 2010

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