Robert Rodriguez to Direct Predators


Another friggin’ reboot?  Normally, I’d be pretty disgusted at news like this, but with Robert Rodriguez behind the upcoming “Predator” reboot – entitled “Predators” – there may be some reason for optimism.  From

Director Robert Rodriguez has taken on the 20th Century Fox PREDATOR franchise and creating a newly rebooted “PREDATORS.”  We’ve heard the rumblings that this was coming via B-D, but now it’s been confirmed. IESB has also confirmed it will be Rodriguez’ own take on the original concept and he is in fact not only producing the reboot, he’s also directing it.

I don’t think Rodriguez will be able to recreate the suspense and feel of the original, but that’s probably not his goal.  Rodriguez definitely knows how to make fun – and violent – movies, and the idea of Predators mixed with over-the-top goofy violence may just work.  I’m sure it’ll be better than both of the terrible AvP films, and I’m definitely keeping my fingers crossed that the Predators will get some new weapons this time around…like, I dunno, a plasma cannon that attaches to their crotches.


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