Robert Downey Jr. Kills His Golden Globes Acceptance Speech


There were only probably five real minutes worth watching of the Golden Globes on Sunday, and while four of the minutes would be Christina Hendricks on the red carpet, the other one would be Robert Downey Jr.’s acceptance speech, in which “he has no one to thank.”

The Sherlock Holmes star probably isn’t going to win an Oscar for his performance, so this was his one shot at a speech, and he delivered it as you would expect Tony Stark to. I mean seriously, I’m starting to lose a bit of respect for the man because Tony Stark IS Robert Downey Jr. Ah just kidding, he’s still awesome.

Check it out above. What the hell was Matt Damon nominated for? Oh, The Informant. Still gotta see that.

  • Josh

    He’s donning his Tony Stark personality and beard at the moment due to either reshoots for Iron Man 2 or a Thor cameo that he’ll be filming shortly, from what I’ve read.

    And I think it was the perfect acceptance speech. Of all the speeches given out on Sunday, you’ll remember two: that one and the one Scorcese gave. Other than that, you had a bunch of one liners like, “Animation is for kids and adults on drugs.” I loved his speech.

  • Baj

    That was a good speech. I am starting to gain an appreciation for Robert Downey Jr. I love that goatee as well, I wish I could pull that off, but I reckon that the maintenance on it is something only barber could do for you.

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  • Dwight

    Best part of the Golden Globes was Ricky Gervais’ Mel Gibson joke.