A Selection of Funny Re-Dubbed Movie Scenes


I think it was Jones who did it best in Police Academy.   Remember when he used to talk like those ridiculous redubbed old Karate movies? Well that’s where I think all the funny redubbing started….at least the funny redub sounds that were done on purpose.

And where has that evolved to?  We see it all the time.  On television, in movie mashups.  Redubbing has become a huge part of movies and I for one love when a fan uses some great editing to make a certain movie scene look a whole lot different.  Either that or when a TV Network is just stupid.

Here is a selection of funny redubbed movie scenes I think you’ll all enjoy.

Star Trek Generations – Redubbed


The precision here is pretty impressive.

The James Earl Jones Darth Vader Longer Version


This is classic.  Hopefully you’ve seen this.  If not, it’s amazing.

300 Willow Trailer


I had to include anything with Willow.  Awesome flick.

Snakes on a Plane FX Redub


You gotta love what networks do to curb down the curses

Disney’s Apocolypto


I know it’s more of a mashup but this is awesome.

Kurk is Making too Much Noise


Jerky Boys?  This is incredible.  Wow.

The Worst Dub in the History of the World


See for yourself.

Dubbing Twilight for Latin Fans


Anything from Jimmy Kimmel is awesome


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