Eight Awesome Recut Rocky Trailers

Rocky III

As I slowly put together a list of my top ten favorite movies of all time, Rocky has officially made the cut.  And while I can’t put officially put Rocky III on the list, it’s a movie I’ve probably watched more than any movie in my entire life.   Speaking of Rocky III, good God when you look back how unbelievably homoerotic was that film?  “Hey Rocky, come meet some of the boys.”

This thought then led me to realize that clearly there was a “Brokeback Rocky” trailer out there (which there is) , but then I got to more thinking.  “Are there any other awesome recut Rocky trailers?  There have to be right?”

Of course, there were a bunch.  So I’ve taken the liberty of finding eight that I’m sure you’ll all enjoy….

The Balboa Love Triangle


This is unbelievably good.

Rocky IV Alternate Trailer


Thank God this never came out.  Pretty cool though. . Dolph!

The Rocky Horror


Man you gotta love when people really put in the time on these recuts.  This clearly took some effort. “You screwin’ my sista?”

Rocky Recut into a Romantic Comedy


Eh.  Still not bad but not as good as the others.

Brokeback Rocky


You had to know I was gonna throw this in there.

Rocky’s Existential Journey


This is very very weird.

Rocky Balboa Recut Horror


Another great horror recut.

Rocky IV Star Wars


The timing in this is impeccable.

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