Raimi Drags Us to Hell with New Trailer


(click here to watch after the jump) 

I’m an absolutely enormous fan of the Evil Dead trilogy. I’ve seen them all a dozen times and I’ve dressed up as Ash Williams for Halloween more than I care to admit. But with this new Drag Me to Hell trailer touted as Sam Raimi’s “return to horror” I’m starting to wonder why I loved those movies. Was it because of Raimi, or Bruce Campbell? I think you know the answer. And it’s also probably why I like Burn Notice so much.

So replace Bruce Campbell with a blonde girl I’ve never seen before and Justin Long, and replace skeletons and zombies with gypsy’s and giant bugs, and I don’t think you’re going to have the same effect on me.

Drag Me to Hell looks like a cross between The Ring and Thinner (yes, Thinner, the greatest gypsy curse movie ever made), where someone is cursed and then spends a few days being haunted by creepy crawlies before presumably dying unless they stop said curse. Looks campy enough, but just not that interesting. And does that old woman have a ****ing staple in her head?


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