Quick List: The Five Easiest (Laziest) Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just about a week away, and for those of you who haven’t ordered or started building something yet, it’s getting down to the wire. My assortment of fake weaponry is ready to go for my Nathan Drake get up, and my girlfriend’s mystery costume(s) from Yandy have just arrived.

But never fear, shitty planners among you. I’m here to save the day with five quick Halloween costume ideas. None of these involve a shirt that says “Go Ceilings!” or any other such terrible puns. Just the easiest movie/TV based costumes you can create in a matter of minutes.

1. Three Hole Punch Jim – Jim demonstrates this easy costume above, which is classic Office from like five years ago when it was my favorite show on TV. You need black paper, scissors and tape. The end.

2. Maverick – Jeans, white T-shirt, aviators and a nice jawline

3. The Dude – Bathrobe, White Russian, maybe a gun. Preferably a few extra pounds and inches of hair.

4. Blues Brother – Suit, sunglasses. Say your hat blew off in the wind. Or walk around with a silver metal pen and you’re from Men in Black

5. Gustavo Fring – Suit, spectacles, the correct skin color. Super bonus points for buying some zombie make-up and going as season finale Gus.



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