Quentin Tarantino’s Star Wars


I know this is sort of old, but I don’t think I’ve featured it before, and it really does make you raise some eyebrows about the original Star Wars trilogy. How was this not more of an issue?

When a New Hope was written, was it really the plan for Luke and Leia to be twins, or was that just added later? Either way, Han’s face in this clip says it all.

  • Ryan

    First time I’ve ever seen that. I laughed so hard that my napping 16 month old upstairs started stirring.

  • mm


  • gigantes

    funny clip. although note- that first kiss took place a long time before those two learned that they were siblings.

    and, wow… nice to see star wars back when it didn’t completely suck.

  • James

    Plus she only kissed him to piss off Han. But the video was perfect and creepy. Love it.

  • Blazerk

    Pretty sure I read that the whole twin thing was a later development, but I’m afraid I can’t back it up with a source.