Please Tell Me This S. Darko Teaser is a Joke


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I had heard rumors that there was a Richard Kelly-less straight to DVD sequel of Donnie Darko coming out, but I’d also heard rumors that hell froze over and they captured Bigfoot alive, so I figured it was false. Well, it appears I’m wrong, judging by this teaser trailer which I’m praying to God is some sort of fan made joke.

But I don’t think it is, and that means there is in fact a Richard Kelly-less straight to DVD sequel of Donnie Darko coming out. It’s about his sister, played by creepy Ring girl Daveigh Chase, and i believe it’s supposed to be about the events of the first movie told from her perspective. I think this may prove a tad difficult seeing as Jake Gyllenhal is nowhere near this project, but hey, whatever it takes so you can save on filming costs by recycling scenes from the original movie. Like you did in this trailer. Which is all scenes from the original movie.



  • The trailer really makes it look like it is all a lie. Especially considering all the clips were form the original film. Though, what do I know? I just pray that someone just has a sick mind and played this horrible joke X)

  • S. Darko takes place in the summer of 1995, seven years after the original film. It follows Donnie Darko’s younger sister, Samantha (Daveigh Chase), who, in the wake of his death, has found herself at age 17 with a broken family, mired in feelings of insignificance. She and her best friend Corey (Evigan) set off on a road trip to Hollywood in a bid to ‘make it big’, but their journey is cut short when their car breaks down unexpectedly, leaving them stranded in a small desert town. When a meteorite happens to crash-land nearby, Samantha is plagued by bizarre visions telling of the universe’s end and it appears that their breakdown was part of some grander plan. When she finds out she was actually adopted by the Darkos, and that she is in no way related to Donnie, she must face her own demons and, in doing so, save the world and herself.

  • Amber Pederson

    🙁 I hate the idea of this video.

    The movie isn’t about the events of the first movie being told from her perspective, though. Jake won’t be there because Donnie is dead. It’s when she’s 18 and she starts seeing Frank, or something.

    How convenient of them. Psht.

  • Jhett

    Yeah, I saw this movie on IMDB a few months ago and was freaking out. I can’t believe they’d make this movie. Why not just make a separate movie not related to Donnie Darko? This trailer does make it seem like a joke, but last I saw on IMDB, it unfortunately isn’t a joke.

  • Gir

    it’s terrible.