Please Don’t Let This Monstrosity Be Sam Worthington in Avatar


There’s an ad up on Variety right now for a motion-capture studio that has people buzzing that the digital man in question could be Sam Worthington from James Cameron’s Avatar. I mean, James Cameron’s name is on the poster, and the guy does kind of look like Worthington. But please, no.

If Avatar really is supposed to cross the Uncanny Valley at long last, and it’s star looks like this, they clearly never knew what the Uncanny Valley was in the first place. This guy would be right at home popping zombies in Resident Evil 5, but as the star of a major motion picture, he’s still pretty Polar Express.

How about we get a REAL DAMN STILL from the movie that isn’t James Cameron sitting next to a very expensive piece of equipment and a green screen.

[via Cinematical]

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