Planet 51 Trailer is Uninspiring, Confuses My Understanding of Music Sampling


Here’s the trailer for Planet 51, a new animated film.  The animation looks great, but we’ve come to expect that these days.  The story, though, just seems kind of meh.  But maybe that’s because I freaked out around the 0:17 mark of the trailer.  You know, the part when the alien baby makes a sound that sounds EXACTLY like the baby sound sample used by Timbaland in that Aaliyah song, “Are You That Somebody?”  Could that sound be used again and again, similar to the Wilhelm Scream?  Am I losing it?  Or does anyone else recognize that damn baby sound?  I need to get to the bottom of this.

  • Xin

    You noticed the baby noise but not the woman screaming at the end? I’m’ sure i’ve heard that screaming somewhere before. Many… many times before… hahah

  • grubi

    That’s a standard SFX from at least the 1970s. Aaliyah’s producers probably got it from the same SFX source that these folks did.