Pixar Wars, Turning Intergalactic War into Fun!

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According to Disney, I’m getting on a plane Monday to fly out to San Francisco to interview John Lasseter, director of Toy Story and Cars about Cars 2. I feel like I should probably now mention to him that a cross over with Star Wars for the series next installment might be the greatest money making idea ever, as both Pixar and Lucas features always make ass-tons of cash.

Think George Lucas wouldn’t go along with it? Just think of how many new toys he’d be able to sell! He might not make a new, good trilogy in his lifetime, but I’ll be damned if he wouldn’t highly consider this as a new endeavor.

Credit to artist Andrew Chesworth for the piece.

  • Rubiksman

    John probably wouldn’t go for it since George Lucas didn’t like his ideas back 25 years ago when Pixar was a part of Lucasfilm. Would be a pretty cool idea though…

  • xXburekXx

    you get to interview john lasseter, lucky

  • @Rubiksman
    agreed! I doubt lucas will be able to look past it, but it’d be amazing if he did!

  • you get to interview john lasseter, lucky

  • fizatdh

    Star Wars could have used some of Pixar’s story telling ability.

  • Jim

    Does anyone else think the TIE-Bomber looks like the crazy stabbing robot from Futurama???