A Wicked Gallery of Alien Chestbursting Action


Almost everyone has seen – or has been made aware of – the infamous chestbursting scene in Alien, and if you somehow missed that, the spoof in Spaceballs should have clued you in.  As funny as Spaceballs is, the idea of having an alien creature grow inside your body and then emerge through your rib cage is horrifying.

A couple days ago, Paul posted this pretty impressive, uh, chest from which an alien burst through.  Did Christina Hendricks suffer the wrath of a facehugger at some point?  We may never know.  But regardless of who the redhead in Paul’s post is, she’s not alone in having a freshly-formed alien violently burst through her chest.  Below, check out all sorts of people with baby aliens bursting through their chests.

Water my ass, bring this man some Pepto Bismol!

I’d hate to die with this look on my face:


Even Legos aren’t immune from the wrath of xenomorphs:


Great costume:


The facehugger is overdoing it a bit, but still a nice job:


I don’t think this baby cares too much for the alien emerging from his chest:


A permanent predalien chestburster.  You don’t see too many of those.


This is pretty much movie quality – well done.


I’m amazed that more than one person has a tattoo like this, but I probably shouldn’t be.


A very cool PS3 mod, but how did the egg get inside?  I actually wouldn’t be too shocked were this to happen to my Xbox.  It beats the Red Rings of Death.


I’d still eat it:



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