Photo Surfaces from Mitt Romney’s Tenure at Bane Capital

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NO, I am not getting uber-political and I do NOT think that Mitt Romney has anything in common with The Dark Knight Rises’s Bane.

YES, this is one awesome bit of photoshop and a clever pun, and I’ll be damned if I wasn’t going to post it for political reasons. You want Joker Obama? Here you go. Now we’re even.

I did hear that Rush Limbaugh accused TDKR of making “Bane” the villain as a jab at Mitt Romney. I guess they planned this all along when he was introduced in 1993. It’s funny, because The Dark Knight has actually been recognized as one of the best conservative movies out there, if you take it as an allegory for the US’s role in stopping terrorism.

  • Piratey

    That and Bane/Catwoman essentially represent the Occupy movement. The real joke is that, is that the actual Obama campaign is trying to use this angle without knowing what Bane actually stands for first.

  • bowtotheprince

    ’bout time.

  • DirtySeawards

    Bane creator Chuck Dixon, and collaborator Graham Nolan, laugh. You didn’t even get the story correct. Rush didn’t start it. The Obama Campaign tried to pick up the false parallels and attack Romney first.

  • trashcanman

    TDK is “conservative” now? Jesus God, has the definition of that word been corrupted by media morons. The day when a trust fund brat spending billions to dress like a weirdo, talk like an overbearing goofball, blast the shit out of parking garages because streets are for poor people without missiles on heir motorcycles, ignore privacy laws, and whatnot just so he can punch some badguys and then leave party guests at their mercy so can go get laid is considered a political philosophy….wait, actually now I see you point.

  • dolaction

    Listening to Limbaugh now, hes not calling out the movie itself, he’s calling out the media for trying to make this a story.

  • Piratey


    Shhh, don’t confuse things with facts.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Yeah, that’s a pretty solid misrepresentation of what Rush said. His point was that the producers may’ve deliberately wanted to use the character of Bane in order for the media and the Obama Administration to draw some connection. He was simply reporting what was being dipped in the media by mainstreamers. He harped on it, in his usual fashion of course, but methinks most folks missed that it was satirical, as happens quite a bit with Rush.

  • Steve

    This is why only political bloggs should dip their toes in politics: we know to fucking ignore political bloggs. You either pull your info from the “wrong” source, or missquote the source, and it’s off to the races. Never discuss politics, religion, or race with friends you’d like to keep.

    Wasn’t Dark Knight about how unconcionable the Patriot Act/Wiretapping was, as even though it served its purpose, they destroyed the device that could have continued to save millions of lives over Batman’s career because it was “the right thing to do…” ? It almost tried to walk the razor’s edge on the issue. Centrist Politics only seems right wing right now because of how far left the left is at the moment.