Photo Manipulated Disney Princesses are Kind of Freaking Me Out

Another day, another Disney Princess post. We’ll never get over our first crushes, will we? In any case, this is a cool/creepy photo project from Jirka Vinse Jonatan who took existing photos of girls and manipulated them into painting-type images that you can see above and below.

The effect is a combination of bizarre and beautiful, and it’s entirely possible we’ve featured a few of these before as I can’t count the number of Disney Princess galleries we’ve done at this point. But even if we have, he’s added a bunch of new ones recently and the whole collection is worth a look.

I suppose not all of these are “Princesses” with Tinkerbell and Jane and Esmeralda here, but “Disney Female Protagonists” doesn’t exactly sound better. Check out the full gallery below:

Middle click to quickly open each picture in a new tab.

[via Geekologie]


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