Pepper Potts Gets Her Own Iron Man Armor

Pepper Potts 7

In Iron Man 3, we saw Tony Stark put Pepper Potts into a suit of his Iron Man armor for safekeeping, but really she’s never gotten to shine with her own suit designed specifically for her. Supposedly there’s no Iron Man 4 for this to happen (we’ll see about that), so that’s why fans have to take matters into their own hands.

From Angela Bermudez comes this amazing suit of armor that really can’t be classified as “Iron Man” any more. It’s Iron Woman, through and through, and her version of Pepper Potts’s custom suit is simply fantastic. There are a bunch more shots and angles of her costume below, and yes, I realize that this is actually R.E.S.C.U.E. armor from the comics.

Pepper Potts 1

Pepper Potts 8

Pepper Potts 6


Pepper Potts 4

Pepper Potts 3

Pepper Potts 2

Pepper Potts 5

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  • Steph

    Marvel is missing so many opportunities with this character. I hope she pops into visit in Avengers again.

  • Kifillo

    Wow, i just fell in love again!

  • John W

    Works for me.

  • Josh

    More of an armor than power suit.

  • saedo

    Without noticing the mask at first, I thought it was a Mass Effect armor.

  • Adam Currier

    she is a much hotter and more accurate Pepper Potts than Gwyneth Paltrow….

  • Alex W

    She’s also got a fantastic Fem Shep gallery.