Five Great Non Pee Wee Herman Paul Reubens Television/Movie Moments

Paul reubens

Clearly Paul Reubens has had his ups and downs in life.  We all do.  But I think it’s kind of awesome that he’s come full circle with Pee Wee Herman.  And it’s nice to know that literally 20 years after Pee Wee’s Playhouse ended that Reubens is still making audiences laugh their asses off at this character.

But through these 20 years while Reubens hasn’t exactly had leading roles, he’s been around.  And I have to say, he’s pretty good.  Perhaps it’s just knowing that the guy is Pee Wee Herman, but for whatever reason I always seem to enjoy him every time I see him.

So rather than focus on Pee Wee I’ve found 5 non Pee Wee clips that I think you might enjoy

On Everyone Loves Raymond


Any of you who watched this show might know that Chris Elliot played a part by the name of “Peter” who was Amy’s brother.    Well before there was Peter, Rebuens got one episode as a guy named “Russell” who was the same person.  I kind of wish he would have gotten the gig instead of Elliot.

Reubens on the Gong Show – 1976


There are no words to describe his hair.  This is amazing.



Unfortunately I couldn’t find any singular clips but Reubens was awesome in this movie.  He played the gay hairdresser to a tee.

Paul Reubens is Dead Serious


I have to say, it’s literally impossible to not laugh at the end of this video when he turns around and says “yes, dead serious.”  He’s just automatically funny.

Reubens on the Gong Show 2 – 1979


Check out him doing the Pee Wee Herman dance with his feet way before he was Pee Wee.  Pretty awesome.


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