‘Paranormal Activity’ Continues to Piss Me Off


I’m not exactly sure why the marketing campaign for Paranormal Activity is pissing me off so much. Maybe it’s because it’s not a marketing campaign, it’s a giant hype machine, and this couldn’t be more apparent with Paramount’s latest stunt. A website with a “counter” that counts up how many people are “demanding” Paranormal Activity come to their city. Yes, I voted for Detriot, but knowing the expansion rate of this movie, it will come to literally one theater in downtown an hour away from where I actually live.

But no, Paramount claims that if the odometer reaches a million, the film will release wide. Which is bullshit, because the film is going to release wide anyways, and they’ll rig the counter if they have to. This is a too-clever-for-its-own-good marketing gimmick that aims to make the film like the best horror project YOU’VE EVER SEEN.

I hope this movie lives up to the hype, but I don’t really think there’s any possible way it can at this point.

  • Lagrange

    Interesting approach to post on your website about a advertisement concept that pisses you off.

  • dyinginback

    As much as I want it to come to Kalamazoo, fuck it. I’m too damned busy to click a button.

  • ryan

    I saw it saturday night. It had its moments but it wasn’t particularly terrifying or anything. What you need to realize is that people scream at pretty much any movie that’s slightly scary.

  • Caedes

    For me the scariest shit in a horror movie is the girls screaming at the scary parts lol, Horror movies are far too predictable these days, the genre is soooooo generic now, find a suburban family who has everything, throw in a troubled sibling, a conflicting set of parents, or a dead one, such as the new Stepfather movie coming out. Can anyone say Disturbia much lol.