Memorable Moments in Movies: The Original Planet of the Apes Ending


I don’t know about you guys but I’m pretty jacked up to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes.   There’s just something that’s always fascinated me about the “how” when it came to the original movie.  So many questions.  So little time.  How did it all happen?  And while we have no way of knowing if this new movie will be good, I think the premise of a new drug that smartens of apes is a pretty good one.  It’s kind of like iRobot but hopefully will be a bit better.

Personally I didn’t like the remake so I want to take this movie as something that is kind of connected to the original.   Speaking of the original.  Remember this ending?  This thing totally kicked ass and spawned more questions than any movie of its generation.

If you haven’t seen the whole movie then this entire clip is pointless.




  • Sezneg

    The story of “how” planet of the apes came about was actually very well explained in previous planet of the apes movies (especially escape from the planet of the apes and the follow-ups conquest of the planet of the apes and battle for the planet of the apes).

    It most certainly was NOT a drug to make apes smarter.

    This movie is going to blow more than Aperaham Lincoln did at the end of the 2001 remake.

  • Chandamyaya

    The end of this movie, which I saw at the age of 8, was my first official mind-f*ck.

  • ish

    just let you guys know the 2001 remake stayed more true to the book with the ending then the original film although the original was way better.