One Step Closer to Iron Man, I Mean SCVs


Behold the Raytheon XOS 2 exoskeleton, the latest advancement in power suit technology. How cool is it? Cool enough that the company thought it wise to bring in Iron Man actor Clark Gregg (of S.H.I.E.L.D. in the film) to comment on how awesome the suit is.

Now, they obviously want to play it up like it’s an Iron Man suit prototype, but with it’s practical application of “lifting heavy things” and its combat application of “lightening a soldier’s load,” we’re still a far cry from Stark Industries here. Rather, a much more accurate comparison would be to a Starcraft SCV, a unit that uses a man in a power suit to life heavy things like rocks and barrels of gas. So yes, it’s a cool tech advancement, but just not as cool as they want it to be. Watch the video above.

  • Xin

    Really, I think the only thing that is holding us back from really useful exoskeletons/mechs/whatever is a proper power source. Current electrical batteries and combustion energy is just too unwieldy or underpowered for what is needed. Once we can come up with a source that is both compact, safe, and has a high output, then these will be more feasible.

  • WirelessPillow

    late comment but still,
    the military establishments of the world tend to hold back information until they deem it valuable or necessary to inform the general public.
    this has probably been worked on for years, since the 60’s but they tell us now.