One Sexy Halloween Costume to Rule Them All

Yup, that’s exactly what you think it is, a sexy Chewbacca costume. I thought I’d seen everything, but apparently not. Good work to the folks at for surprising me after all these years. It may cost $240, but ladies, I assure you it’s worth it, as if you’re hot and someone snaps a picture of you wearing this at a party, you’ll be internet famous in no time.

I’ve been able to locate the final pieces of my costume, which I’m pretty pleased about, and I’ve been thinking about possibly a reader-submitted Halloween costume contest. Would enough of you be interested in something like that? Hmm… We will see if that pans out.

In the meantime, more pics of Yandy’s sexy Chewbacca, Stormtrooper(ish) and Vader outfits at Geekologie. And even more hot costumes at

  • Safe

    You don’t think posting an article about Star Wars with a LOTR headline is a tad moronic?

  • Dan

    She doesn’t have a bowcaster. haha.

  • @Safe

    Fine: “Help Me Sexy Halloween Costume, You Are My Only Hope!”

    There aren’t too many Chewbacca quotes to pull from…

  • Zarq

    In the link:

    Vader with a blaster??

  • Neptuny

    I don’t like it. Slut costumes are ruining Halloween for me.

  • Gd Singh


  • Anon

    These are disgusting. That is something that should be worn in a bedroom, not in public.

  • jack

    haha you guys are either way to sheltered or don’t know how to have a little fun you should be happy that these girls are open enough to want to show theses costumes off to you guys and its not a big deal especially if your in college you might even get lucky at a party Halloween is the best ..

  • Furry crotch – that’s all I’m sayin’

  • JM

    Whata Wookie!

  • Aera

    If sexy halloween costumes are ruining halloween for you then stay in your house and don’t go to any collage parties or bars…

    I mean, the entire reason behind collage and bar culture is to meet and be physicaly attractive to the opposite sex…and its so fantasticly wonderful that “your different” and you “like your women with more clothing and class”… but girls wouldnt dress that way if it didn’t work.. and its done the other 364 days of the year too… Just as slutty…

    Stay in your bubble and hand out candy to little kids if your that choked up about it…

  • A great costume for the leggy blonde. Raises another question – where to find a blonde, so dress her up in this costume? 🙂

  • Across the office floor of course.

    Leggy leggy leggy leggy, blondie blondie blondie blondie…

  • What does that costume have to do with LOTR?

  • wow, this picture is so sexy, and i like yandy sexy lingerie

  • I wonder who makes that costume?