One Girl, Eleven Disney Characters

01 - Elsa from Frozen

It’s entirely possible we featured make-up guru Promise Tamang on the site a long while back, as obviously her quest to cosplay an infinite amount of Disney characters interested us. But even if we have, she’s added a whole bunch of new characters to her collection.

Now we have Elsa from Frozen, Merida from Brave and Rapunzel from Tangled joining the ranks of old school classics like Pocahontas, Alice, Belle and more. Check out the collection for yourself below:
12 - Merida from Brave

11 - Maleficent

10 - Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit

09 - Pocahontas

08 - Belle from Beauty and the Beast

07 - Mulan

06 - Alice from Alice in Wonderland

05 - Rapunzel from Tangled

04 - Esmeralda from Hunchback of Notre Dame

03 - Tinkerbell

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