Awesome On the Set Photos from Lord of the Rings

You guys know how we roll up to this point right?  Whenever we can get our hands on some cool on the set photos of a movie that’s exactly what we’re gonna post on this website.   But we like to make sure that the people we’re dealing with are of top quality.

We’ve done some stuff with Star Wars.  We’ve done some stuff with Stanley Kubrick.  Now?  Now it’s time to take a look at some behind the scenes pictures of the set of Lord of the Rings.

Enjoy the gallery after the jump….

I’m not really sure how to interpret this one but I know that I like it.   But check out the oddball shoe down there.  WTF?

More interesting shots below

  • Jack

    Aww man do I ever miss my university days when every Christmas break I had Lord of the Rings to look forward to. Bring on the Hobbit!

  • @ Jack – I’m with you brother. We always picked out one day over break to watch all three in a row. What was funny was that we all felt tired and exhausted after sitting on our asses for 10 hours straight.

    These are great photos. Superb post.

  • Guy Incognito

    The 3 Gandalfs are Ian McKellan (obviously), his stunt double and the tall guy is used in close up shots of the hobbits with Gandalf to further the illusion that they are 3’6″ tall. No idea what’s up with the shoe.

    P.S. I miss fat PJ.