Eight People in the Film Industry On Stanley Kubrick


Love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Stanley Kubrick is one of the most unique, innovative, and influential directors in the history of modern cinema.  Unlike many of today’s directors, Kubrick’s level of involvement with his films started well before pre-production and lasted until the very end.  Kubrick would have his hand in just about every imaginable aspect of film, forcing his vision and perspective into every frame of celluloid.  Regarded as a perfectionist, Kubrick was often described as a nightmare to work with, but those who actually did almost always confess that they wouldn’t change the experience for anything.  After the jump, take a look at eight video clips of people in the industry – actors and directors – talking about working with Kubrick, his influence, and the greatness of his works:

Martin Scorsese


Alan Cumming


Stephen King


Stephen Spielberg


Tom Cruise


Malcolm McDowell


Tony Kaye


Shelley Duvall


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