Old Hollywood Meets New in Incredible Photo Collages

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I find a lot of cool stuff looking for content to share on Unreality, but it’s not often something makes me stop in my tracks the way this photo series did. The artist, George Chamoun, spent countless hours searching for the absolute perfect photos that would fit each other, merging old and new Hollywood actors and actresses into one.

It’s not a commentary on their talent, he says, but it’s hard to deny the physical resembles between some of these icons. I’m a little rusty with my classic actors, but I believe the pairings are Natalie Portman/Audrey Hepburn, Angelina Jolie/Elizabeth Taylor, George Clooney/Cary Grant, Robert Pattinson/James Dean and Scarlett Johansson/Marilyn Monroe. If you don’t think those last four would work, you need to check them out below and prepare to have your mind blown. I really hope he continues this series with even more stars.

See the rest below:

  • Jim

    I love them but seriously? James Dean and a sparkely vampire? Come on.

  • Jim Lahey

    As beautiful as I find Natalie Portman, that picture does not do justice to how amazingly gorgeous Audrey Hepburn was. I think it’s because the artist chose to have Portman’s mouth and nose rather than Hepburn’s, but I believe those are Audrey Hepburn’s most characteristic and stunning features.

  • Philip

    Old Hollywood by a million and five. Jim, AH was the loveliest woman that ever lived.

  • Henrik

    You lost me at rob pattinson.

  • Edc

    james dean was hated by squares for being feminine, too.

  • Mike

    Have to agree totally on the Scarlett Johansson/Marilyn Monroe resemblance. I thought that myself many times through the years about the both of them. The other one are eerily similar too.