Oh Come On Man, You’ve Got to Stop


We’ve been following this tragic tale for a while now on the site, of the man so obsessed with Neytiri from Avatar, he’s gotten her tattooed on his back not once, not twice, but now THREE TIMES.

The first one was questionable, but acceptable I suppose. The second one I was really staring to worry about. The third? Someone needs to call mental health services before this man cements his virginity in stone forever.

But he’s not even done yet. As you may recall last time, he said he was planning on getting SIX Neytiri tattoos total, so we’re only at the halfway point now. Also, he needs a new tattoo artists because these are ALL creepy looking. If you are physically compelled to get a Neytiri tattoo, THIS is how it should look. I’m just saying…

[via Geekologie]

  • LawlessVictory

    In this age of bastardized nerd culture, where it’s cool to be super into anything as long as it happened within the last year and didn’t involve any reading, I can forgive pretty much any act of fan-fueled desperation… but bad tattoos? Not so much. I have to agree, these just aren’t very good. The proportions on the new one are awful. At least use an artist who’s good at portraits.

  • Rachel

    I’m just going to point out the fact that his newest tattoo is a full-body picture of his first one.

    This guy makes me ashamed to love Avatar so much.

  • Hehh

    Good grief. If you’re so into the character, why get such obviously CHEAP tattoos?! Pay more than $12 for the next one, dude!! Those suck!