Eight of the Very Best Celebrity Soundboard Prank Calls


For those of you who aren’t familiar with celebrity soundboard, allow me to explain: it’s simply a page filled with quotes from a celebrity, and by clicking on buttons that each contain certain phrases spoken by the celebrity in movies, you can hear the phrase instantly.  If that’s not clear, then, uh, just click HERE for an example.  Anyway, some people with incredible senses of humor and even more incredible senses of timing are able to use these soundboard for the purposes of everyone’s favorite past time – prank phone calls.  It’s amazing that the people on the other end of the phone can’t figure out they’re talking to a friggin’ computer, and the results are often hilarious.  The best prank calls come from over-the-top Al Pacino, but there’s some pretty good ones out there of other actors, too.  After the jump, enjoy eight of the very best celebrity soundboard prank calls.  Seriously, the Pacino ones are unbeatable – impossible not to laugh.  There’s some bad language, obviously, so be careful.

Al Pacino Calls the Limo Driver


This one is pretty easily my favorite.  The Pacino quotes are from Glengary Glen Ross.  The limo driver has got to be one of the biggest moron meatheads on the planet.

Al Pacino Calls a Thug Wannabe


More Glengary quotes from Pacino.  The kid on the other end of the line isn’t fooling anybody with his tough guy act.

Jack Nicholson Calls a Pizza Joint


It’s amazing that people tolerate this kind of stuff.  Even Emily can’t save the day.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Calls a Motel


Things get hostile pretty quickly here.  Nice use of Kindergarten Cop quotes.

Al Pacino Calls Cracker Barrel


The “guess who” seems to work on everyone.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Calls Hooters


Do I like discipline?

Joe Pesci Calls a Tough Guy


1. How do you not recognize Pesci’s voice, like, immediately?  2. Haven’t you seen Casino?

Al Pacino Calls a Furniture Store


I actually feel bad for this guy.  He takes way too much abuse and tries his best to remain professional.

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  • Bubba

    Nice but you are missing the grand daddy of them all – Arnold calls Gateway. When you listen I’m sure you will agree that it should be the #1 on this list.

  • Madison


    You’re right – that was actually the first celeb soundboard prank I had ever heard. For some reason, though, I couldn’t find it.

  • kittensteak

    Are you kidding me? Where’s Fred Rogers on this list?
    “Have you lost your kitty?”

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