Of Course China is Already Building Transformers

Leave it to China to start building weaponized uber mechs. And of course, they’re unlicensed to boot.

I kid, I kid, these are just sculptures made out of scrap metal and at least I THINK their onboard weapons aren’t operational. As for being unlicensed? I didn’t recognize the vast majority of these as being actual Transformers, but I do think they snuck an Optimus Prime in here. UPDATE: I have been informed I don’t know shit and this is Jetfire. He is terrifying.

I only have a non-informational source link, so unfortunately no more backstory about these things, but damn, good work China. Let’s be friends.

Check out the rest of the designs below:

  • Mega

    I think the first one is a Transformer too. Jetfire, the one who provides his “powers” (wings) to Optimus Prime, on the second Transformers.
    I give chine a couple more years and the statues will be completely functional… We’re screwed lol

  • Dan D man

    Actually they all are from Transformers the Fallen movie. The last one is Megatron.

  • jon

    your pop up ads are becoming increasingly annoying.

  • B

    Jon, get something like Adblock plugin for your browser and you won’t see any of that crap.

  • Z

    I have adblock too, and they don’t even show up

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