Now I Understand Why Everyone Was So Offended by I, Robot

Right now I’m attempting to read through a giant number of sci-fi books that were suggested to me in this post. So far, I’ve gotten through Foundation, Unwound and am currently almost done with I, Robot. Back when the Will Smith film came out, I didn’t quite understand the controversy. It seemed like a harmless enough popcorn flick, and how different from the book could it really be?

The answer? So, so much different. I really get the anger now, as the only thing the two appear to have in common is the fact that robots appear in each of them. While Asimov’s classic sci-fi tale is a collection of short stories examining the intricacies that come along with the development of an advanced robot’s psyche, the movie features a robot whose biggest revelation appears to be the concept of “I,” but even his story is overshadowed by Will Smith getting new Converse shoes.

It’s sad that no one bothered to make a remotely faithful version of the book, which is one of the most fascinating sci-fi tales I’ve read. I bet someone like Duncan Jones or Ridley Scott could handle it with care, and perhaps someday we’ll get a real version in theaters.

The worst part of the film? The fact that on my Kindle the above image is the only one available for the title, and will forever tarnish my library with the mortal sin of a movie poster as a book cover. The horror…the horror…


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