Noobz: The Gamer Movie Too Dumb to Live


If you told me that someone was going to make a movie about eSports, I’d think that was pretty cool. I like The Wizard, and things have come a long way since playing Super Mario Bros. competitive. I routinely watch pro Starcraft and League of Legends, and I could see how it could make for an interesting/funny feature.

Noobz is the complete opposite of all that. It’s a movie that tries and fails to channel Grandma’s Boy, at least according to this short trailer that still somehow feels like it’s hours long because of how painful it is. It’s about a pro team that plays Gears of War 3 competitively (hahahahahahahah), and it’s clear even from this small amount of footage that Epic might have paid to fund the entire movie themselves. Unfortunately, all it will do as portray their product as beloved by morons.

I don’t understand who this movie is aimed at. How can you market a movie toward gamers while at the same time mocking them mercilessly? A movie with video game humor would be great. A movie making fun of video gamers is not, particularly when that’s who you want to see your movie. If someone can explain this abortion of an idea to me, I’m all ears.


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