Nic Cage as Burton’s Superman: Can This Possibly Be Real?


From, this image claims to be a screentest for Burton’s aborted Superman Lives movie starring Nic Cage as the Man of Steel in a script penned by Kevin Smith. I can neither confirm nor deny this picture as being legitimate, but dear Lord, I hope it is. Because if so, this could have been the greatest, worst superhero movie EVER, and likely would have ruined Superman for an entire generation of kids.

I’m guessing this picture alone was how the project got canned. A Warners executive just checked his e-mail one day and went, “WHOA, WHAT THE HELL DID I GREENLIGHT?” then ordered the set, costumes and script to be burned and the ashes to be sent to the moon.

Or you know, it’s Photoshop, but that would be way less cool.

  • Madison

    Please be real…please be real…

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  • Christian

    The last superman brought vomit to my mouth .

  • ZC

    It’s an action figure with Nic Cage’s head photoshopped onto it.