New ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ Trailer OFFICIALLY Creeps Me Out


I’ve been on the fence about Where the Wild Things Are ever since I saw the first stills from set. I enjoyed the last trailer however, as it features an excellent Arcade Fire song and very little talking. However, this new, full-length trailer? I don’t know man.

This whole thing just seems creepy to me. The monsters are terrifying, the plot seems nonsensical and James Gandolfini is voicing the lead monster, and it’s impossible picture anyone other than Tony Soprano when he talks.

I know this movie will garner a huge cult hipster following, but I’m just not convinced it’s going to be worthwhile yet, especially after all the script rewrites and reshoots. I think I’m alone on this, but let me know if you’re not as ga-ga for Where the Wild Things Are as everyone else is as well.

  • Clare

    The monsters aren’t even cute, but they aren’t really that ugly.
    It looks like it has no plot.
    And the Arcade Fire song makes the movie feel very indie somehow.

  • padidas

    The monsters are not supposed to be cute though. It was one of those stories that help be less afraid of monsters at night.

  • padidas

    sorry. *helped* me. Passed tense. haha

  • Hmmm yeah, it looks a little creepy to me also, and I wasn’t expecting cute monsters. I guess it does kind of look like the book, but somehow still creepy. Plus, call me petty but when the kid says “let’s sleep together in a big pile” it doesn’t come off as cute and whimsical as I’m sure it’s supposed to, it just seems weird.

  • Synnamin

    too… CGy. This seems like one of those films where the magic of the book is that it was all in your head. On screen, it doesn’t look nearly as magical.