New Watchmen Trailer Makes Me Nervous


I can’t quite place what I don’t like about the new Watchmen trailer. I think it’s partly because it seems like one of those fan-made jobs where they pull some epic song from a million other trailers (the first half which is a distinctly familiar melody I can’t quite place, but I’m surprised they just didn’t go with “Requiem for a Dream”) and then put some awful rock song in midway through (which in this case is some Muse track).

Or maybe it’s because of the dialogue, where Rorsarch sounds like Batman and Dr. Manhattan sounds like Billy Crudup rather than say, God, like he’s supposed to. I know that at this point the movie pretty much appears to be a shot by shot recreation of the graphic novel, which in theory should be amazing, but I don’t know, I just have this sinking feeling that something’s not quite right, and that everything that makes Watchmen great will somehow get lost in translation.

Or maybe I’m just being paranoid and it’s totally going to kick ass.


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