New Watchmen Trailer Makes Me Nervous


I can’t quite place what I don’t like about the new Watchmen trailer. I think it’s partly because it seems like one of those fan-made jobs where they pull some epic song from a million other trailers (the first half which is a distinctly familiar melody I can’t quite place, but I’m surprised they just didn’t go with “Requiem for a Dream”) and then put some awful rock song in midway through (which in this case is some Muse track).

Or maybe it’s because of the dialogue, where Rorsarch sounds like Batman and Dr. Manhattan sounds like Billy Crudup rather than say, God, like he’s supposed to. I know that at this point the movie pretty much appears to be a shot by shot recreation of the graphic novel, which in theory should be amazing, but I don’t know, I just have this sinking feeling that something’s not quite right, and that everything that makes Watchmen great will somehow get lost in translation.

Or maybe I’m just being paranoid and it’s totally going to kick ass.

  • Andy

    The music is Philip Glass from the film Koyannisqatsi. I think Rorschach sounds alright, but agree that Dr. Manhattan sounds way off. Zack Snyder apparently already revealed that they are changing the ending, so it seems that quite a bit is getting lost in the translation. I was really hoping this was not getting turned into 300, but it seems it might be. Let’s hope that we are both just paranoid.

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  • Chris

    You’re bang on with your description; that definitely looks like something you’d see on YouTube, made by a fan slapping clips together and tossing their favourite emo song above it all, not caring at all if it doesn’t fit.

    And Muse… sweet Jesus. That band makes me want to rip off my ears.

  • Richard A.

    when the trailer first started i agree with you but i think everything turned out alright. Why should Dr. Manhattan have the voice of God? he is after all a human. i think giving him the voice of god would kill his character and make alan moore hate movies even more.
    as bad as Muse is that song was appropriate and timed pretty well.
    This ad makes me want to see Watchmen even more!

  • Mo

    The first song was used in GTA4’s announcement trailer you might have heard it from there. That’s how I know it.

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  • Eric J. Baker

    “Zack Snyder apparently already revealed that they are changing the ending, so it seems that quite a bit is getting lost in the translation.”

    Read anything Zack Snyder has said about the ending. Nothing is getting lost in translation, that’s the point. The ending isn’t about the squid, it’s about how everyone reacts to the squid, and what Ozymandias does with the squid to achieve that reaction. The squid itself, while looking cool, isn’t at all inherently related to the plot. And Snyder realizes that. He’s pointed out that if you look at what the ending is REALLY about instead of obsessing over individual action points (or, in this article’s case, equally silly things like what song is used in the trailer), then you’ll realize that it can, and most likely will be, entirely faithful to the IDEAS of the book.

    As for Rorschach sounding like Batman, I’ll agree, Christian Bale’s Batman voice in the Nolan voices got on my nerves, too. But need I remind you that Rorschach is heavily representative OF Batman. Yes, yes, I know, Rorschach was originally The Question, but The Question was undeniably inspired in part by Batman’s heavy detective elements, as well as by other characters like Dick Tracy, who undeniably inspired elements of Batman.

    And need I remind the author of the 300 comment, as mindless and exploitative as that film was, it was a spot on, panel for panel recreation of the comic book, and absolutely preserved the comic’s feel and atmosphere. I should hope Zack Snyder applies that same mentality to Watchmen.