New Valkyrie Trailer, Something’s Still Not Quite Right


An accent? Please, that’ll be another $10 million Singer.

I’m high skeptical of Valkyrie for a number of reasons. First, it’s a true story, which means we all know that a guy with an eye patch did not end up killing Adolph Hitler, which kind of ruins the suspense. Secondly, it just really, really bugs me that Tom Cruise is playing a Nazi commander, but is just talking like regular old Tom Cruise.

I mean, I guess it’s hard to round up an entire cast with German accents, but at least make everyone British. Cruise just seems so out of place here. Like of course he’s the traitor, he’s the one speaking perfect #@$%ing English!

The new trailer is after the jump, and decided it needed to hijack the Saw theme to make it seem suitably epic. Maybe in celebration of Halloween?

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