New Terminator Salvation Trailer is Not the Terminator I Knew


How do I feel about the new Terminator movie, which appears to be a mashup of Road Warrior, The Matrix and Transformers? I’m not sure actually. On one hand it looks like a pretty decent action film, with all the gatling gun fire, explosions and tanks crushing skulls you could ask for. On the other, it’s really got nothing to do with the established franchise and is just using the Terminator name as a selling point.

This is just a future apocalyptic war against robots. Yes, they all may happen to be the “Terminator” model, but it’s not like Terminator invented this concept. There’s no Arnold, John Connor is now a grown-up, tough-talking Christian Bale and no one is running away from anything. What the hell is this?

I’m not saying the movie will be bad, actually I think it looks pretty cool. I just feel like the Terminator brand itself is dead, but maybe Salvation will prove me wrong. Here’s to hoping.

  • Spazzboy911

    I do agree with most of that, in that it will be something different, but i always thought that was the point of the movie. One of JC lines is “This is not the future my mother warned me about” which fits into the storyline as far as changing the future. In T2, they did, in fact, postpone the war/worlds end scenario. It was originally the scientist in T2 that created the first advanced AI using the technology from the future that he most likely will have invented that was sent back in time for him to discover. As this artifact was destroyed and his research closed, it’s still coming, but now it’s a different scenario. It was always Skynet, but this time, it’s because of the cyberchick from T3 that implanted AI software into the Skynet intelligence, which, no doubt, later evolved into technology that inevitably invented the cyberchick that was sent back in time to implant the advanced AI. All of this to conclude that the cyber wars is 100% inevitable, unstoppable, and unavoidable, as it is a self-creating event.

  • I’m a huge fan of the Sarah Conner Chronicals as well, and I’m hoping that they use some of the ideas and storyline set forth in it in the movie. The quote above makes me think they might, as the show has already significantly altered the future. Plus, Summer Glau is soooo hot.

  • Drikkirichards

    Um, did you sleep through the ending? That terminator was a (young)Arnold. Salvation was “darker” which seems to be a Christian Bale thing. If you want darker ,ie. more real maybe, get Bale. I was a fan of the Sarah Connor Chronicles which was, unfairly IMO, canceled. It was happening in a different “time stream”, similar to the star trek reboot, than the movies and was excellent on its own.